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Who are RMIT alumni?

RMIT alumni are making waves in a whole range of industries including, design, IT, fashion, engineering, advertising, health, business, art, science, communications, architecture, journalism, photography, finance, film, management, marketing, and many more. If you know an RMIT alumnus who's achieved something special, email their details to

RMIT alumnus Dr Bob IsherwoodDr Bob Isherwood
Job: Former Worldwide Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi
Qualification: Diploma of Art (Advertising Art), 1966, Doctor of Communications Honoris Causa, 2007

RMIT alumnus Fiona HealyFiona Healy
Job: CEO and Founder, FebFast
Qualification: Master of Business Administration (MBA), 2006, Diploma of Business in Public Relations, 1996

RMIT alumnus Sonya HartnettSonya Hartnett
Job: Author
Qualification: Bachelor of Arts (Media Studies), 1991

RMIT alumnus Rob HullsRob Hulls
Job: Former Victorian Deputy Premier and Attorney General
Qualification: Articled Clerks program, 1982
RMIT alumnus David LynchDavid Lynch
Job: Chief Information Officer, Standard Chartered Bank (China)
Qualification: Bachelor of Business (Business Administration), 1996
RMIT alumnus Karen WebsterKaren Webster
Former Director,
L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Program Director of Fashion, RMIT
Diploma of Arts (Fashion), 1982, Master of Arts (Fashion), 1998
RMIT alumnus Phillip ZmoodPhillip Zmood
Job: Former Head of Design, GM Holden
Qualification: Bachelor of Design, 1966
RMIT alumnus Sotheary LySotheary Ly
Job: Executive Director, Healthcare Centre for Children (Cambodia)
Qualifications: Masters of Social Science, 2006
RMIT alumnus Christian ThompsonChristian Thompson
Job: Photographer and installation artist
Qualification: Master of Fine Arts, 2004
Colin O'Carroll
Journalist and author
Qualification: Bachelor of Arts (Journalism), 1993
Susan Dimasi
Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Fashion), 1996, Master of Arts (Fashion), 2005
RMIT alumnus Michelle BonneyMichelle Bonney
Job: Streetwear entrepreneur
Qualifications: Bachelor of Business (Transport and Logistics), 2005, Graduate Diploma, Marketing (current student)
RMIT alumnus Tamara AnghieTamara Anghie
Job: Film Producer
Qualification: Bachelor of Arts (Media Studies), 1992
RMIT alumnus Ben NicholsonBen Nicholson
Position: Director, Groof Consulting
Qualification: Bachelor of Social Science (Hons), 2006
RMIT alumnus Rishi BhargavaRishi Bhargava
Job: Business Development (India)
Qualification: Masters of Engineering, 2005
RMIT alumnus Belinda CollinsBelinda Collins
Job: Social Justice Entrepreneur, Author
Qualification: Bachelor of Business, Graduate Diploma Public Relations, 1998
RMIT alumnus Fran WestFran West
Speaker, author, adventurer
Qualification: Postgraduate Diploma of Librarianship, 1974
Jake Lowe
Qualification: Bachelor Arts (Photography), 1999

RMIT alumnus Wei Liat Tan

Wei Liat Tan
Job: Architect
Qualification: Master of Architecture, 2009


Stef DadonStef Dadon
Job: Director of LadyLikes and Up and Comers Fashion Market
Qualification: Bachelor in Communications, 2009

Marcus GaleMarcus Gale
Job: Tournament Director, Australian Masters (Golf)
Qualification: Bachelor of Social Science (Recreation), 1998

Blake WitherowBlake Witherow
Job: Industrial designer
Qualification: Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design), 2009

Ross HillRoss Hill
Job: Innovation Analyst
Qualification: Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship), 2008

Lucy FeketeLucy Fekete
Job: Artist
Qualification: Bachelor of Arts (Advertising), 2001

RMIT alumnus Leanne HallLeanne Hall
Job: Author
Qualification: Graduate Diploma of Editing and Publishing, 2008

Diana Luxton MessaraDiana Luxton Messara
Job: Interior Designer, Artist
Qualification: Associate Diploma of Arts (Interior Design), 1961

RMIT alumnus Ian Wong

Ian Wong
Position: Lecturer, Communications Coordinator, RMIT Industrial Design
Qualification: Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design), 1985

RMIT alumnus Mukta BanerjeeMukta Banerjee
Job: Senior Researcher, Best Practices Foundation, India
Qualification: Graduate Certificate in International Development, 2005

RMIT alumnus Esther CharlesworthDr Esther Charlesworth
Position: F
ounding director of Architects Without Frontiers (Australia)
Education: Bachelor of Architecture (Hons), 1992

RMIT alumnus Jackson SlatteryJackson Slattery
Job: Artist
Qualification: Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts), 2006 

RMIT alumnus Emma WhiteEmma White
Job: Medical Scientist
Qualification: Bachelor of Applied Science (Laboratory Medicine), 2009

RMIT alumnus Sabri SubySabri Suby
Qualification: Advanced Diploma in Business Marketing, 2009

RMIT alumnus Mark BuzzaMark Buzza
Program Manager
Qualification: Executive MBA (with distinction), 2007

Jayne EllisJayne Ellis
Fashion designer
Qualification:Diploma of Graphic Design (Fashion), 1978

Andrew Goulding
Job: Computer game programmer
Qualifications: Bachelor Applied Science (Computer Science), Diploma of Business (Management), 2001

Cameron RobbinsCameron Robbins
Job: Artist, Lecturer
Qualification: Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), 1986

RMIT alumnus Annabelle CassAnnabelle Cass
Job: Mannequin Maker, Subi Models
Qualification: Bachelor of Arts in Fashion, 1997

RMIT alumnus Nikki GabrielNikki Gabriel
Job: Knitwear and textile designer
Qualification: Diploma of Arts (Textile Design and Production), 2001